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Know about NFZ

‘New from Zealand ‘is your one stop online shop to choose range of New Zealand products.

We export, distribute and retail premium brands of New Zealand. HoneyChef, HoniBeeNZ Bee Manuka, Nelson Honey, Prenzel, NZ Honey Co, Peplers, Streamland, Clean Paleo, Comvita, BeeBrilliance, Caithy, Milcrest, Hilok, GoodHealth, Swisse, and many more.

Our HoneyChef Honey Chocolates infused with Coconuts, indulge in an obsessive wave of flavours, just wait until you bite into it. Our Honey Chocolate infused with Coconut have taken the world by storm. A new range of HoneyChef Manuka Honey Lozenges combine the soothing qualities of Manuka Honey. There are four flavours to choose from; Manuka Honey with Mint and Menthol, Manuka Honey with Lemon and Ginger, Manuka Honey with Propolis and Manuka Honey with Orange. HC Lozenges dissolve slowly in the mouth to temporarily stop coughs and lubricate and soothe irritated tissues of the throat and takes away the discomfort. 

Our HoneyChef and HoniBee range of Manuka honey products offers benefits from "Manuka honey" that are renowned worldwide. Manuka honey has high antioxidant properties and antibacterial healing powers. HoneyChef Range will have a complete set of products made with Manuka as the key ingredient. 

We have the finest wines that New Zealand has to offer. Our own 8@Night wines are winning hearts of local Kiwis and becoming household names in New Zealand. Best in class herbaceous thread leads to a long lingering finish continue to flow in underlining quality of the wine.  

We also have a wide range of premium New Zealand wine and alcohol.  Our 8@night Manuka Honey and Manuka infused whiskies are exquisite premium enriched with grape and single malt distilled extracts brings unique blend of New Zealand made whisky.

All products are exported to global markets including, but are not limited to China, South Korea, South America, Middle East, India and Australia. Shop the exquisite range of products for yourself, Indulge and get mesmerized.